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We're the first digital wealth manager with a performance track record in Saudi Arabia 



Provide cost effective professional financial and accounting services to SME’s earning a reputation of trust and long term relationships with clients


To be regionally recognized as the most trusted benchmark for professional accounting and finance services and expand the growth of our services through Finance Fix academy


Transparency, Privacy, Ethics, Honesty, Credibility, Time Efficiency

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About Us

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Running a business occupies business owners & managers to be mindful of various aspects of the business. Managing the finances can be tedious & confusing relying on the expertise of the accountant. And if the right person or team is not there, it can be critically threatening to the sustainability of the business.

We realized this pattern recurring especially in SME’s where they have to not only survive but also generate profit with limited resources.

Finance Fix is one of the few companies that provides outsourcing accounting services in the Saudi Market. At Finance Fix, we specialize in book keeping, financial reporting, internal auditing, payroll and receivables, TAX/VAT and value added services focusing on mid-tier companies, public listed corporations, private owned businesses, non-profit organizations and public organizations.

Finance Fix is a team of professional accountants working flexibly and adequately on assigned tasks meeting limited deadlines when needed. Finance Fix provides custom solutions for business owners and accounting professionals and high quality services through a responsive and effective relation with clients.


Salman Khalid 
(Business Head)

About Us
Why FF?

Why Finance Fix?

With its qualified team members, Finance Fix offers a wide range of Accounting & Finance services taking strategic initiatives that are unique to the needs and expectations of every client.

Finance Fix helps accounting processes make a significant difference by reducing clients’ cost and executing quality work which is what our devoted experienced team is known for.

Our Services

Our Services


A specialized branch of accounting that keeps track of a company's financial transactions using standardized guidelines. The transactions are recorded, summarized, and presented in a financial report or financial statement such as an income statement or a balance sheet.


An independent objective assurance and consulting activity designed to improve and add value to the organization's operations.


Concerned with understanding what could realistically happen based on client's historical performance. Business plans include the growth aspirations of the business, and are arranged around a set of goals describing the business vision based on a set of assumptions.


Refers to the storing and using a company's inventory. This includes the managing, warehousing and processing of raw materials, components and finished products.

Backlog Data Recording

Are you a start up who couldn't record their accounts due load of work? Or if you are an owner who has just realized that accounting records are important and ZATCA has strict instructions to keep your records upto 5 years. We are the right accountants to help you complete backlog recording in short time with a greater efficiency


A financial expert with advanced training and knowledge of tax accounting and tax law.
Helps companies and individuals prepare and optimize their tax returns and represents clients to resolve potential tax issues.

We aim to eradicate your accounting burden. While we take
care of your accounts, you can focus on your business.

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Finance Fix will takeover the finance and accounting considering client's needs.

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